Writing in Retirement

Upon retirement many people feel the desire to write with a passion, but often come up to a brick wall, like, “Roy, you have to write fast – you don’t have much time.” That was shocking advice from a mentor in a writer’s course. In the following years I discovered what he meant.

In retirement, urgent is a word to deal with. It takes time, education, and solitude, getting to meet a new brand of people, and facing rejection, rejection, rejection. I started my race among a field of accomplished authors when I was sixty-five. I had to learn all aspects of composition, publication, and marketing. I went from that wicker chair on the porch to a desk with a computer. Writing in retirement presents some difficulties a new writer faces, but also exciting rewards and new beginnings. Is it really so different? It’s really different!

I invite you to an exciting project few others have stepped into. This is my journey into Writing in Retirement. I hope it helps you

“Roy Swanberg’s attitude is, the older you get, the more you have to write about. In this book, he shows folks how to capitalize on those life experiences.”
Dr. Dennis E. Hensley

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