Jason’s Promise II

After conquering wilderness and mental challenges on a canoe trip in the Minnesota/Canadian boundary waters area, Jason returns home to another crisis in his young life. Going off to college he discovers that the temptations in high school were small challenges compared to those he faces in college. The time comes when Jason finds himself in the same trap his father did. Will his early promises hold, or does the new generation morality justify such liberties? When Jason suffers a crippling injury and the death of someone close, can he keep the enthusiastic Greene spirit alive? Is there anything JT can teach him? And will law school bring disaster to his life? This is the second book in the Jason Trilogy.

“The Jason’s Promise series is tantalizing. The dialogue is natural. Testimony clear. … I will pray for its impact.”

Dr. David L. Larsen

Former Senior Pastor, First Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota