Jason’s Promise III

The promises twelve-year-old Jason Greene made to his father on that canoe trip fourteen years ago were hard to keep as he grew up. In high school the promises kept him in moral check. In college they were more difficult to live up to. Jason’s life has always been an emotional rollercoaster full of unexpected and surprising events. Jason’s Promise III, Fulfilled, continues to push the emotional ride to both extremes. Is it still vital for Jason to keep those promises now that he is in law practice and politics? When pressures and opportunities to conform to the world grow heavier as he attains high political office, are those old promises still important? Does Jason ever wonder why he made those promises?

“This series is so close to reality it makes the reader wonder if it is really fiction.” “The flow of your book is very good. Your book is enjoyable and worthy reading.”

Rev. Jamie Morrison

Executive Publisher, Books By The Bundle